How to write web content that attracts leads

For your content to generate as many leads as possible, you should plan to include at least two primary types of content:

1.Traffic generating content
2.Lead generating content

They are important for getting eyeballs on your website and growing your audience. You can’t generate leads without traffic.

Here are some of the best types of content for traffic generation. Pick a few from this list to include in your content plan.

  • Blog posts – this content type is a basic requirement for any content plan. Your blog is like your “hub”: all other types of content should drive traffic to your blog.
  • Social media posts – these posts will help to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Videos – don’t forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine. This is a great opportunity to drive organic traffic to your blog for years to come.
  • Podcasts – you can encourage your guests to share their episode with their audience, and grow your own in the process.
  • Infographics – you can include these in blog posts to encourage social sharing.
  • Photos – depending on your business, photos may be a type of content that you wish to use for growing your audience.
  • eBooks – listing free eBooks on Amazon is another great way to grow your audience and drive traffic to your site.

Now that you’ve chosen the types of content that you’ll use to drive traffic, let’s choose your lead generating content.